Terms and Conditions

Here at Pass U Fast, we specialise in arranging intensive courses and short notice tests, we are UNABLE to guarantee which test centre your practical test will be held at. We endeavour to book your test at the closest centre to you, but it may not always be possible.

All courses booked through Pass u Fast,  are provided on the basis that you understand, you are forming a contract between yourself and the instructor,  in regards to the delivery of the course and its hours. The instructor is a self-employed registered member of Pass U Fast. Any balance payment dispute, claims or discussions, regarding tuitions, course hours, or any other issues should therefore be taken up directly with the instructor. The company cannot be held accountable for any compensation claims from either instructor or student, nor can it be held liable for any traffic law violation on the part of either instructor or the student.

Pass U Fast will not be held accountable for any balance payment forwarded to the instructor. Any disputes would need to be taken up directly with the instructor.

Pass U Fast  acts as an agent.

Deposit payments include, where applicable, theory test fee, practical test fee, booking, and administration fees are paid to Pass U fast.

The remaining balance payments are made to the individual instructor who will be carrying out the course. 

It is the student’s responsibility to notify Pass U Fast of the following when making a booking:

  • Your driver number. 
  • Your theory certificate number & date passed.
  • Your pickup address, if different to your home address.
  • Any unavailable dates and/or times.
  • Any special requirements.
  • Any medical conditions.
  • Any condition which could affect the driving course.
  • Any condition which could affect the driving test.
  • Dates of any tests already booked which would conflict with the course you are booking.

We are unable to specify male or female instructors, due to our policy of non-discrimination. Requesting a specific gender of the instructor is not a valid reason for a course not proceeding.

If you choose to commence your course in a manual car, you will have to complete the course, as the instructor has allocated his/her time for you. You will not be able to change to an automatic. 

Pass U Fast will not be held responsible for a pupil not providing any relevant information that could affect either the driving course or driving test.

Failure to forward your theory certificate number and date of passing, or the fact that you have failed the theory,  will mean we may well be unable to book a practical test for the final day of your course.

We generally require at least  2 to 6 weeks in between theory test and practical course.

Your driving test may be arranged for any day of your course week.

If you fail your theory test, we/you will attempt to book another before your practical course, but be aware this greatly reduces the amount of time we have to book your practical test, which may mean you will be unable to have your practical test on the final day of the course.

If you were to fail the theory test, (or not take it for whatever reason), the practical course will still go ahead except for the final day, which we will hold back until you have passed the theory. This is at the discretion of the instructor taking the course.

If you do not go ahead with the original course date, your deposit will be forfeit.


Your eyesight must be up to standard. If you are unable to read a number plate from the required distance, 20.5 meters the instructor may refuse to allow you to drive.

It will be at the instructor's discretion as to whether the course hours for that week will be forfeit, at such short notice, as they have it scheduled in their diary and you may lose your practical test fee, if too late to cancel. You will need to discuss this with your instructor. It is highly advisable to have your eyesight checked before beginning any course.

If the student cannot take their theory test due to not having the correct licence, the instructor reserves the right to go ahead with the majority of the training, reserving some, for when the theory test has been taken and passed.

You must also hold a valid provisional licence for the category B - Car Licence... If you do not reach the required standard by your test day,  you may be refused the use of your Instructor's car incurring the loss of the test fee. The Instructors decision is final,  

We organise courses so that in general there is a sufficient gap between the theory test and the practical course to give us time to organise the practical test. If you fail the theory test we will attempt to organise another theory test before the practical course, but this will reduce the chance of getting your practical test to coincide with your course dates.

Pass U Fast cannot be held responsible for bad weather cancellation of tests. We will try our best to reschedule to suit both the pupil and instructor, but please be aware this can in some instances lead to delay.

The availability of courses and instructors on the website is meant as a guide only. We reserve the right to offer alternate dates and instructors. 

Any toll or congestion charges are to be paid by the student, in cash to the instructor.


Please note

We cannot guarantee a Driving Test immediately after your driving course, however, we currently have a 99% success rate of achieving this.


Learning or Medical Conditions

Intensive courses are, just as they sound - Intensive

If you suffer from any condition - ie ( but not limited to )  Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Anxiety, or Depression.

Be aware that our instructors are not specially trained in teaching students with any special needs.  It is your responsibility entirely to make sure that you will be suited to this type of course. Instructors book out a week of their diary, so in the event, you find the intensity of the course unsuitable, they are unable to fill that space, and as such, no refund would be offered.

Likewise, any medical condition ( including pregnancy ) which might affect your ability to carry out the course.  It is your responsibility entirely to make sure you are physically able to do this. We are unable to offer a refund, as above, due to the instructor being unable to replace the week's diary.   

In both instances the instructor may agree ( but is under no obligation ) to carry out shorter hours per day, however, any unused hours would be forfeit.

It is entirely the student's responsibility to make sure that an intensive course is suitable for any condition they might have.

The pupil must inform us of any condition, circumstance, or previous history which might make it effectively, almost impossible to pass the test.  

The pupil must make themselves available at reasonable notice for retest dates. Failure to be available to retake a test within 12 weeks will invalidate the retests.

If the pupil refuses reasonable test dates, then the retest package will be invalidated.